Monday, March 17, 2014

Proof Of Life

Well life does go on after you have a new baby and my 4 boys are proof of that.
Owen graduated his first year of pre-school.
Seth and Isaac had their last days of school also, and as our tradition goes got short hair summer cuts.
Still handsome as ever though I have to say!


 Did I ever mention I am a sucker for baby toes?
 Daddy and his princess! Lucky for me I married a man that is not afraid, and has a talent with babies! Kids in general have always loved Dave.
Especially his own kids.  Noah is still coping with having to share daddy's attentions. Wish us luck! 
 I sewed a valence for Chloe's room, turned out pretty good I think, notice the matching pillow! :)
 A blast from the past.  This is Chloe in MY BLESSING DRESS. 

 This doll Chloe will inherit when she is ready.  My mom made it for me when I was 4 (ish) for Christmas.  Come to think about it maybe this is the reason why I always wanted to be blonde....
 Noah helping himself to leftover scrambled eggs from breakfast.  But at lease my table was wiped clean. :)
Baking Soda and food colored vinegar experimentation.
The first of many intended fun summer activities.  Some even came to fruition! :) 

It was a hit with my cute little baldies! 

Chloe's Blessing Day

 Chloe was 20 days old when we blessed her.  She was a trooper, but fussed a little bit during her blessing.  Per tradition we blessed her in our home followed by a short testimony meeting. 
It was beautiful, like my sweet Chloe. :)

 The dress was a generous gift from my mom.  She did a great job picking it out and Chloe rocked it! (if I do say so myself).

 From left to right in relationship to Chloe: Uncle Jake, Granddad, dad, Grandpa Van Cott, Bro. Clark, Uncle Josh.

All tuckered out from all the attention, which she bore well. 
Unfortunately when you have an occasion such as this in your own home it is a bit tricky persuading the children to keep their shoes and ties on.  Oh well.  For better or worse here we are!
 So glad my bestie came by with her daughter, wouldn't have been the same without her.
And unfortunately my other bestie was behind the camera most the time documenting this day for me, so I never got a picture of the two of us. Thanks K You are awesome!!!
 Sadly my parents had to say good bye to us that night and venture back home in the morning.  I was lucky to have had them for two whole weeks!!! 

New Baby Town

Chloe's first bath at home. She loved it in case you can't tell.

 Proud papa.
 It was so nice that I had a new bow to match an old sleeper, I got this sleeper and the yellow one she wore her first night home when Seth was a baby from my Aunt Sandy. The gifts that keep on giving!  It's nice to be able to recycle a few of the boys' clothes.
 She already has a bit of a fan club!

 A visit from great grandma Roz.
 Yeah, Granddad and Grandma come to town! 
 There was pretty much no keeping Grandma away from her last baby granddaughter.  
They bonded instantly.
 Grandma playing dress up.
(Looks may be deceiving.  Chloe never actually got interested in her binki until she was 8 months old).

 Daddy helping to keep the big boys from going stir crazy since not much goes on when there's a new baby in the family, by taking them to do the Home Depot kid workshop class.  Good times!

 This lady took such good care of me and my family!  
Thanks a million times over mom & dad!!!
Speaking of bonding.... Noah pretty much went everywhere Granddad did whether it be to the grocery store or another room in the house. They became quite the duo. 
Seth was introduced to his new favorite food: artichokes. 
 Ever the daddy's boy! Dave took a week off while I was in the hospital and until my parents arrived. He was able to work at home a bit so he wasn't overly swamped upon going back to work.
 It is so fun capturing moments like these.

And while my dad was in town, he helped Dave do some crown molding.  Seth got to help a bit too. :)