Monday, March 17, 2014

Proof Of Life

Well life does go on after you have a new baby and my 4 boys are proof of that.
Owen graduated his first year of pre-school.
Seth and Isaac had their last days of school also, and as our tradition goes got short hair summer cuts.
Still handsome as ever though I have to say!


 Did I ever mention I am a sucker for baby toes?
 Daddy and his princess! Lucky for me I married a man that is not afraid, and has a talent with babies! Kids in general have always loved Dave.
Especially his own kids.  Noah is still coping with having to share daddy's attentions. Wish us luck! 
 I sewed a valence for Chloe's room, turned out pretty good I think, notice the matching pillow! :)
 A blast from the past.  This is Chloe in MY BLESSING DRESS. 

 This doll Chloe will inherit when she is ready.  My mom made it for me when I was 4 (ish) for Christmas.  Come to think about it maybe this is the reason why I always wanted to be blonde....
 Noah helping himself to leftover scrambled eggs from breakfast.  But at lease my table was wiped clean. :)
Baking Soda and food colored vinegar experimentation.
The first of many intended fun summer activities.  Some even came to fruition! :) 

It was a hit with my cute little baldies! 

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Elena said...

Are you moving back?!?!?!?! Hope so. :)